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2022 Fall Volleyball League

Registration for the 2022 Fall Volleyball League Season is now open!  Registration closes on June 30, 2022.  Open to girls entering Grades 3-6 in the fall of 2022.   See the link below.

April Agenda 4/25/22


Regular Board Meeting – 4.25.22

7:30pm  – Fort Calhoun High School Commons


Call the Meeting to Order (Tara)

Roll Call (Allie):

Past President: ( ) Boy BBall: Thad Greiner ( )

President: Tara Greenough( ) Girls BBall: Brett Greenough ()

Vice President: Kristin Dworak ( ) Softball: OPEN( )

Secretary: Allie Schleifer ( ) Baseball: Roy Prauner ( )

Treasurer: Kylie Wilmes( ) TBall: Jennifer Grove ( ) 

Concessions: OPEN ( ) Football: Tony Ruma ( ) 

Volunteer Coordinator: OPEN( ) Flag Football: Rance Johnson ( )

Sponsorship:  Sara O’Connor & Mary () Volleyball: Liz Sevcik ( )

Cheer: Crystal Mesenerink ( )

Board Reports:

  1. Secretary’s Report – Minutes of the Last Meeting (Allie)

  2. Treasurer’s Report (Kylie)- see email

  3. President’s Report (Tara)- 


Program Reports:

  1. Approving our amended bylaws for the 501(c)(3)

    1. Liz & Kylie update on status from the lawyers on status. 

  2. Concessions Report (Tara)- Meeting with team parents tonight after meeting to discuss new concession scheduling. 

  3.  Items still needed:

    1. Refrigerator (for main concession) -buy Monday or Tuesday  

    2. Tupperware with lids that snap for JC Field- done Monday or Tuesday of this week. 

    3. JC Field items - done Monday or Tuesday of this week.  

  4. Directors please remember to provide a budget- Email to myself and Kylie.

  5. Sponsorships: update on status of banners, have we gotten any response from previous donors if they are interested in a donation this summer? 

  6. Girls BB Report (Brett)

  7. Boys BB Report (Thad)

  8. Softball Report (Tara)

  9. Baseball Report (Roy)

  10. TBall Report (Jennifer)

  11. Football Report (Tony)

  12. Flag Football Report (Rance)

  13. Volleyball Report (LIz)

  14. Cheer Report (Crystal)

Old Business:

  1. 501C3-update on progress.

  2. Agility Training Offering-Is this something we still want to continue with? If so, when do we schedule? I need to reach out to Grant Rutledge.  When should this be offered (spring, summer, fall, winter) 

  3. Making sure that we leave the facilities cleaner than when we arrived. That includes ‌bathrooms. Please make sure coaches know to check before the start of practice and before they leave. We don't need to lose ‌access to ‌school facilities because we cannot clean up after ourselves. - Please make sure if using the CB lights are turned off before leaving for the night.


New Business:

  1. Softball Director (Tara)- needs posted on the website (needs to be filled)

  2. Concession Director (Tara)- Izzy Greenough has been hired to stock concessions when school is out. 

  3. Pancake breakfast/pictures: any feedback? How did the pictures turn out? Any complaints? 

  4. FCYSO Fish Fry Night- Was a great success. Thank you to everyone that volunteered their time. 

  5. Triple Crown Tourney- They'll use the baseball field and softball field June 16–18 Thursday- Saturday and June 23–25 Thursday- Saturday. Game times are in the morning at 9am, 11:15am, and 1:30pm. (done by 4pm each day). We need to have concessions opened during this time as this will be a good money maker. So we need to get this information out. I can be around on Friday 6/24 as long as we don't have softball games that interfere. Roy and Brandon are the facility managers for the event. We need to figure out if we are doing anything different for a menu?


Girls Basketball Registrations: 2022-2023 Season

Fort Calhoun Youth Sports Organization

The purpose of the Fort Calhoun Youth Sports Organization is to create a Youth Sports Program based upon the ideals of good sportsmanship, integrity, and teamwork taught through organized athletic activities.  The primary goal is to foster these qualities within each individual child in a positive environment

Upcoming Board Meetings

Regular Board Meetings are held on the 3nd Monday of each Month at 7:00 pm in the back room at the Longhorn, but may be moved due to schedule conflicts.

Next Regular Board Meeting - April 18th @ 7:30PM

New meeting time/place due to having a quorum in April is Monday, April 25th at 7:30 PM in the FC HS Commons.

FCYSO Annual Business Meeting - TBD

Join the Team

Current open positions:

Director of Softball 

Director of Baseball 

Director of Flag Football

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